Focus and Scope

The focus of Jurnal Al-Tibyan discusses education, law, economy, sharia economics, management, philosophy, Islamic studies, and information about the results of scientific studies for academics and practitioners in related fields.

Scope of Jurnal Al-Tibyan. The subject covers textual and fieldwork studies with various perspectives of education, law, economics, philosophy, and other related fields of study. This journal warmly welcomes contributions from scholars from various disciplines. It also includes other areas of study, such as:
1. Education
2. Educational evaluation
3. Educational psychology
4. Educational supervision
5. Class action research
6. Education management
7. Guidance and counseling
8. Curriculum development
9. Educational innovation
10. Islamic Law
11. Islamic Criminal Law
12. Constitutional Law
13. Islamic Politics
14. Sharia Economic Law
15. Sharia economics
16. Management
17. Human Resource Management
18. Leadership
19. Islamic philosophy
20. Islamic thought
21. Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
22. Islamic Studies
23. Other social science studies

Jurnal Al-Tibyan is published 2 (two) times annually, in February, and July. Each of the issues has articles both review and research articles. Jurnal Al-Tibyan is published in Bahasa Indonesia, but English-written articles are also welcomed.